I love Tuya cosmetics. I use it all the time as it is natural and hides all the imperfections. It’s long lasting and absolutely stunning. I’m always complemented by my make up.

Catherine / Customer

Suzy Sass is a “natural” when it comes to cosmetics. And when she uses Tuya with the glide- on feel good features.. I couldn’t help loving it .Thank you Suzy!

Jillian / Customer

Amazing all natural make up! Love that I can wear it all day and not feel like I have a face full of make up and better still – not blotchy at the end of the day ( gotta love sensitive skin)

Jan / Accredited Stockist

I love the sexy ‘Joy’ lipstick and the foundation is really silky and smooth on my skin.

Fransesca / Customer

5*’s on Facebook review – As a Make-up artist I absolutely LOVE Tuya Make-up personally and professionally!
So many products to call my favourite!!!! The Brow product is magic cant go out without it… so natural, the foundation covers like no other, mascara is vibrate and effective… not to mention.. perfect for sensitive eyes. the colours in eye shadows and blushes are so beautiful! very happy i have found such a special bunch of products i am loyal to and enjoy! not to mention healthy and good for you…. LOOOOOVE TUYA!!!!!

Belinda Pearl / Customer

5*’s on Facebook review – To just say I love Tuya cosmetics would not do it justice. I need to talk about individual products. This review is all about the foundation. I have searched for good foundations all my life, and I have to say this is not good, it’s great, it’s far above and beyond any foundation I have ever used. Believe me I have paid for some very expensive products, this is half those prices. The coverage is flawless, the ingredients in this foundation are so beneficial to the skin, it’s ridiculous. I could almost say it’s waterproof, yet removes easily with cleanser. I have my 90 year old mother use it and it photographs beautifully. It doesn’t look caked on. Oh did I say it’s mineral based? Not just 1% either which is all that is required for make-up to be called ‘mineral’. I give this foundation as presents. Try it, you won’t be disappointed

Susan Soleri / Customer

Tuya is the best make up I have ever used. Feels like you have no make up on at all & not only that is great for your skin. I went to Thailand recently & even while swimming & in the humidity my make up stayed on all day. Highly recommend this Ladies if you care for your skin & want to look great!

Vicki Lark / Customer

I’ve been using Tuya Cosmetics for a long while now and I absolutely love them. For someone with troubled skin it’s great because with a little of the mineral corrective concealer and the powder foundation I can cover everything up and it not only doesn’t look like I’m wearing heaps of make up but it lasts all day and doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing much, if any at all. Even the sheer finish liquid mineral foundation is super light weight and through the day gives me this great dewy look that I love.

I could go on about the rest of the products as I use quite a few but if you’re looking for natural mineral make up without worrying about any nasty products being added in then everything will be amazing for you and you’ll honestly only be doing your skin a favour. I will forever recommend!

Courtney / Customer

Fantastic Products! Love how it feels and looks.

Cindy Jenkins / Customer

I love this makeup. It has made a huge difference to my skin. It is so nourishing and smooth on my face. The colours are vibrant and last all day, and my skin has never felt better. It is a 100% mineral, unique and superior quality range. And the personalized support by experienced professional artists is available to all.

Janet / Customer

5*’s on Facebook Reviews – great make up look amazing on and feels great

Sharyn Phillips / Customer

5*’s on Facebook Review –

Just had my first professional makeup.
It’s was a very positive experience.
Juanita was very caring and aware of my personal concerns of having professional make up done.
The products all felt very natural the finish was amazing.

Michelle Ahmad / Customer

5*’s on Facebook Review – Amazing all natural make up! Love that I can wear it all day and not feel like I have a face full of make up and better still – not blotchy at the end of the day ( gotta love sensitive skin)

Grezelda Which / Customer