Beaming Beauty BB Cream


Natural coloured BB Cream +  skin benefits with an all in one, lightweight, hydrating, moisturiser.

Evens out redness + minimises appearance of blemishes and skin discolouration. Beaming Beauty is highly concentrated with a little going a long way. It is long lasting and doesn’t fade during the day leaving the skin with a smooth, silky, velvet sheen and natural luminous beaming finish.

Includes a salad bowl of ingredients such as; Pomegranate Seed Extract, Sea Buckthorn Berry  Extract, Kiwi Seed Extract, Cucumber Extract + Fragrance, Essential Oils; Blood Orange, Grapefruit White, Lime + Lemon.

Comments Being Made

“My hot flushed skin calms down within minutes of application.” – Paula
“The hydration and youthful glow is noticed by everyone.” – Suzie




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