Nail Care


Nail Care $21.50 Soya Polish Remover $24.50
  • Cuticle Care moisturises & softens cuticle.
  • Eliminates peeling and preps surface.
  • Base Primer helps polish to adhere to nail.
  • Final Finish colour locks & surface protects.
  • Natural French can be used alone or for French manicures
  • White French is for French manicure tipping.
  • Soy Colour Remover is gentle polish remover.
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Be True Tuya


Apply Cuticle Care and massage around cuticle & up to first knuckle.
Apply Final Finish over dry nail colour and reapply every 3 dayts.
Apply Natural French alone or as base for French manicure.
Apply white to tip are over Natural.
Soy Polish Remover is best left to soak for 1 minute before wiping off.