Tuya Affiliate Guide

Congratulations on making the decision to join the Tuya affiliate team!

You’re now well on your way to becoming part of a growing and vibrant community of distributors that have helped Tuya to become the thriving business that it is today.

As a Tuya affiliate you have a real chance to grow your business and earn extra cash by promoting high quality products to your network. You’ll also discover a super helpful support team to assist you in reaching your personal goals and achieving the lifestyle you deserve.

We know that not everyone has had previous experience of running an affiliate offer or using an affiliate panel.

That’s why we’ve written this short guide to help you get set up and make sure you have everything you need to get started right away.

Here, at Tuya Colour Cosmetics, we use an affiliate panel by AffiliateWP. The reason we chose this is that it’s easy to use and has all the tools and features that make is possible for our affiliates to grow their business and make money. 

It also has a ton of neat features that you can use to manage your account online at Tuya Colour Cosmetics.

So in this guide, we’ll be taking a look at how to use the platform and the features which make it so useful to you as a Tuya affiliate.

But first let’s look at the registration process and how you, or anyone you recruit, can get started in just a few clicks.

To make is easy to get started, we’ve made a page where all new affiliates can go to sign up for the program.

This page is called “Join Our Team” and you can visit it here:

Simply read through the text and the page, and when you’re ready, go ahead and click the REGISTER NOW button.

If you are not already registered with the site, you may encounter a pop up notification asking you to register.

If you don’t see the sign up form, go ahead and register with the site first using the LOGIN / REGISTER link from the main menu, and make sure you are logged in to continue. 

Now when you click the Register Now button, you should then see a pop up form similar to the one below.

Go ahead and fill out the details, including website, promotional details and payment email address, and make sure you have read the affiliate agreement before you continue.

You will then see a confirmation dialogue confirming your registration to the affiliate program.


Once fully registered you will then be able to login to the affiliate panel, where you can find tools to promote the programme with your preferred promotional strategy.

We manually check all of our affiliate submissions to make sure the quality and reputation of our affiliates is kept intact, so if you don’t see the affiliate panel right away, wait for a confirmation email from us, which should arrive within 24 hours. 

If you haven’t heard anything regarding your submission within 72 then your application was not successful. Previously declined affiliates cannot reapply to the program, so please make sure to read the terms and conditions prior to submitting your application.

Once you have completed the registration process and been accepted into the program, it’s time to head over to the affiliate area for a closer look.

To get here, simply click the affiliate link in the site footer, or point your browser to this page:

Once logged in, you’ll see the AffiliateWP menu which can be used to manage your affiliate account, as well as keep track of any sales you have credited to your referral link.

You can select from the following tabs:

  • Affiliate URLs: This tab is super important, as it gives you the link you need to promote the program. This is the link that you would share on your website or social media account. You can even choose a product page on the site and use the Referral URL generator to get a custom link, direct to that page. If you have multiple campaigns running, you can name your campaign here too, so you can keep track of it later. When someone clicks this link and arrives on the Tuya Colour Cosmetics website, you’ll be automatically credited with any sales resulting from the link click. Cool! 
  • Statistics: View your referrals, visits, conversion rate, earnings and in store credit at a glance. This is useful for gaining an overview of your account and seeing how well your campaign is performing.
  • Graphs: The graphs tab is helpful to get a better view of your performance over time, and you can choose from a number of different time periods to drill down into how well your campaign has performed on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly time frame.
  • Referrals: If you want to know where your sales are coming from, check the referrals tab. This will show you direct referrals from your link, as well as any referrals resulting from sub affiliates, including the product, amount, status and date of the referral. This will also let you know which sub affiliates are performing the best for you.
  • Payouts: View this tab to see a historical record of any payouts you have received from the affiliate program.
  • Visits: This tab will show you any referring URLs that have clicked your link, such as your website or social media accounts and which sources have converted the best for your traffic. This includes your own website links, as well as any third party sites where you may have placed a link.
  • Creatives: Creatives are images and assets that you can use in your promotional campaign. These include banners, videos, and gifs and seasonal promotional offers, which will upload from time to time. You are free to use these assets in your promotional activities, such as your website or social media posts, but seek authorisation if you with to edit the creatives in your personal campaigns. The same goes for any other assets you create and landing pages which may be subject to approval – so make sure to check with your affiliate manager first!
  • Settings: You can change your payment email used for Paypal here as well as assign a new custom slug for your affiliate URL. This will not change your login email address to the affiliate panel.
  • Lifetime Customers:  If you have any lifetime customers, they will show up here. 
  • Direct Links: If you are sending traffic from one primary domain, like a blog you own, you can add it here. Once approved, any links to https://www.tuya.com.au/ from that domain will count as referral clicks to your account, without having to use your personal URL slug.
  • Invites: Once activated, you can use an invite code to send people to the site, to register as customers or affiliates without the use of a tracking code. This is a quick way to recruit new sub affiliates to the program, and can be used in email and other marketing methods.
  • Sub Affiliates: The Tuya Colour Cosmetics has 4 tiers of affiliate registration, ranging from the parent affiliate to the 3rd tier sub affiliate. Each sub affiliate can also recruit their own sub affiliates to the network. View this tab to see any sub affiliates in your network who signed up via your referral URL.
  • Order Details: Confirmed orders resulting from your affiliate links will display here. 
  • Logout: Once you have finished configuring your dashboard, checking stats and downloading creatives, you can sign out of the affiliate panel. You don’t need to leave it open for the tracking to work when you are not using it.

Affiliates can be paid in a number of ways, via bank transfer, PayPal or via credit for purchases with Tuya. If you opt to recieve payments via PayPal any fees associated with the payment will be the responsibility of the Affililate/Payee. PayPal may deduct these fees directly on their end after processing. If this is not the case then it will be deducted manually prior to payment confirmation and deposit.

Payouts are based on a 20% commission structure, with a 10% commission value from the nearest sub affiliate and a 5% commission value from any confirmed orders made from subsequent sub affiliates down to sub affiliate Tier 3. Refer to Affiliate Agreement for details.

Payments are made inclusive of GST, it is the responsibility of the Affiliate to organise their own taxes and GST calculations if applicable.

To be eligible to receive a payment a minimum of $150 must be purchased withing the Affiliates network, this can include personal purchases, or purchases made from your customers, affiliates or your affiliates customers.

If you use the products on the website yourself, you can also use your affiliate link, which will contribute affiliate network total value to be paid at the end of the month.

Affiliate Tree
As many of you may be parent affiliates, or sub affiliates to another parent, we thought it advisable to give a quick explanation of how the tiered affiliate system works.

A parent affiliate is one who at the top of their line. This means that any affiliates who go on to register under their link will contribute to the commission total.

So, if the parent affiliate makes a sale, they will get 20% of the value of the retail sale value not including shipping, as commission in towards their affiliate account payment.

However, if a sub affiliate makes a sale, either through their own purchase or by a referral via their link, the sub affiliate will get 20% of the retail value of the sale not including shipping. The parent affiliate in this instance, would receive a 10% commission for the same sale. This is in addition to the 20% the sub affiliate gets, and is a separate payment that does not come from the sub affiliates commission value.

If there is then a second tier sub affiliate, under the first sub affiliate, they will get 20% value of the sale, with the nearest parent affiliate receiving 10% commission for the sale, and the founding parent 5% commission for the sale.

Now if we also get a third sub affiliate, they will make 20% commission on the value of the sale, the nearest parent will make 10%, and the first sub affiliate and founding parent will receive 5% each respectively, of the value of the sale.

Here’s a graphic that helps to illustrate the affiliate tree.

Note you may be somewhere as a subaffiliate already. If you a new subaffiliate registers under you, you become the parent affiliate of your affilate tree and and so on.

If you need any further clarification as to how this works you can read the affiliate agreement or reach out to one of the team at support@tuya.com.au.

How to Promote Tuya Colour Cosmetics
When you initially sign up one of the questions is how you want to promote our products. For the most part, this is entirely up to you, be it via a blog or your social media networks. If you choose to use paid promotional methods, such as Google or social ads, please check with your affiliate manager first to OK the promotion. 

We will also help you to set up custom landing pages, so that you get more conversions from your traffic. These can be used on your own website and act as prelanders before the user arrives at the product sales page.

If you are in any doubt just ask and we’ll review your campaign and provide any additional assets you might need, to help with the promotion.

One of the simplest forms of promoting the programme is to use your referral link. This will look something like this:


You can personalise this to something more memorable in the affiliate panel, such as your name or business.

Simple post this link on your website or on social media and anyone who buys a product from our store will be associated with your link. 

If you want to use creatives, which are the images and messaging used in your campaigns, you can place banners on your website instead (or anywhere else you like – including offline marketing material) such as in the example below:

Banner sizes are typically made in the following sizes: Banner (468×69), Leaderboard (728×90), Rectangle (300×250) and Skyscraper (160×600). 

If you need a specific size or format, let us know and the team will be happy to help! 

We also use a number of seasonal promotions in our marketing activity and we encourage our affiliates to do the same. Promotional offers and discount codes are often available and you can use these to help with generating more sales. 

Many of our affiliates use social media to great effect. So, if you have people on your feed who could benefit from the products offered at Tuya Colour Cosmetics, you can create a post or share an offer code in a group you are a member of to attract more visits to the site via your link. 

Be creative with your promotional activities and to think of ways the product could enrich the customer’s life and let them know about it. Share powerful images and new product updates and offers as they come out, so people know you are the person to go to when they need something.

If you prefer to use other promotional methods such as email marketing or display advertising, including native and push traffic, let us know beforehand so we can work with you to get the best results from your activities. We can provide useful demographic data and audience stats as well as branded material to make sure your campaign maintains a healthy ROI.

Coupon Codes
Once you are approved as an affiliate you will be provided with an exclusive coupon code to use for your account. 

You can use these the same way you use your affiliate link, and simply give out the codes as part of your marketing efforts, whether on or offline. This makes them great for networking events and when printed material, as well as being easy to remember when speaking to a customer face to face.

The customer can enter these at checkout on the website, and once the code has been applied, you, as an affiliate, will be credited with commission on the purchase value of the sale.Here’s an example

of how you can promote a coupon code on social media:

Today only – get a 20% discount on all nail products at Tuya Colour Cosmetics using the code Tuya20. Redeem here!

You can also use these codes on flyers or banners on your site, and use them with any creatives in the affiliate panel. This is especially useful for seasonal promotions, as the creative will help the customer to relate to the specific offer that is being promoted.

Here’s an example of how you might use a coupon code in a banner or flyer:

Coupon codes are also eligible for a customer discount on certain store products, so get promoting them right away!

If you are in any doubt as to how to use your coupon codes or need any help in promoting them, let us know and we’ll help you to put them to good use.

The Tuya Colour Cosmetics affiliate program is a great way to earn extra income and get rewarded for shopping your favourite products on our site.

We wish you every success in promoting the program and hope that you remain an affiliate with Tuya Colour Cosmetics for years to come.

Make sure to whitelist emails from tuya.com.au in your email program, as we often send affiliates promotions ahead of time, to give you time to get everything ready before the date of the promotion.

We’ll also send email about your affiliate account, including new product sales and referrals to your email address, so look out for these in your inbox.

Finally, if you have any questions at all about the material in this guide or would like to discuss growing your business in greater detail, we’re happy to help. 

Our affiliates are an important aspect of helping the business to grow, and we’re here to offer advice and support when you need it.

Simply drop us an email at support@tuya.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

There’s also a fantastic community of affiliates, who have had a great degree of success promoting our products and who can help you to get the most out of the program, so just ask if you need any extra help.

Tuya Colour Cosmetics