Why use Tuya Mineral Makeup

We researched, studied, analysed and more over many years to give you the outstanding products which are defined by unique formulations, superior quality, simple, clean and pure ingredients.

We offer them to you from Tuya Colour Cosmetics.

Our mineral makeup products are manufactured using only the finest ingredients; lightweight, and easy to apply with amazing and long lasting effects.

Tuya Colour Cosmetics mineral makeup gives excellent coverage, from sheer to intense due to its buildable ability, with a natural but flawless finish. Another major difference is what Tuya mineral makeup doesn’t contain, making it an excellent choice for the skin.

Tuya Colour Cosmetics Powder Foundations, Blushers and Eye Shadows are compact pressed for ease and economical benefits. Containing pigments derived from 100% natural minerals and triple milled for light reflecting optical illusion effects and signature blending. Suitable for all skin types and ages, with the ability to camouflage imperfections and redness. Being free of talc, fillers, lead, mineral oils, chemical dyes, artificial colours, preservatives or parabens to clog or irritate. Kind to the most sensitive skin and may be applied after waxing, microdermabrasion or superficial peels.

Different techniques and tools are needed to apply mineral makeup successfully, the secret to great coverage is to use thin layers sparingly using a flat top mineral  brush and remembering a little goes a long way. Preparing surface to enhance foundation performance with primer is a must to get the very best results.


Tuya Cosmetics - Mineral Makeup