Ray, Operations Manager

The life centre and husband of Juanita, from the planning and research days he has supported and encouraged every business decision with untiring dedication.

Raymond is the much loved go for it guy! He assists Juanita, the Tuya Team and Accredited Stockist in many aspects of the business, Ray is the one that will make it happen!

Ray Says – I thrive off watching and encouraging my darling wife reach her goals, being there to support her every step is very fulfilling.

I have watched a dream of Juanita’s blossom into the successful business it is today, and I am excited to see her show you how much more she has to offer.

Monique, Social Media Co-ordinator

As she likes to be referred to – “Juanita's Favourite Grandchild” (There are 9 of them). Monique created and maintains the Social Media Platforms, she demonstrations an enormous amount dedication and enthusiasm towards her work. There is not anyone Juanita would trust more to take charge of this role, she is forever going above and beyond her responsibilities and is unbelieving talented for her 23 years.

Monique Says – I am honoured to be the Social Media Coordinator for such a fantastic Grandmother and company! To be able to share exiting news with you all, receive your feedback and see your own Tuya photos is very rewarding. I am amazed how Tuya is able to provide me with great coverage while looking natural and feel like I'm wearing nothing at all, and the best part is that since using the range my skin has gotten clearer!
I am extremely passionate about animal welfare and the fact that Tuya Colour Cosmetics do not do any animal testing is very important to me.

Erik, Business Director

Erik is our behind the scenes man! He brainstorms and applies creative ideas to our marketing campaigns and continuously demonstrates his expertise in a vast range of areas. He is instrumental in the smooth running of our marketing, advertising and website.

Erik Says – I am very thankful to have met the wonderful people with Tuya, the warm welcome and the homely feel is so inviting and i am excited to help with the growth and development of the online and behind the scenes of Tuya. Truly amazing company and even more so amazing people.

Suzanna, Head Co-ordinator

Suzanna is our brilliant bring it together team member operating under the banner of the Head Coordinator.

She is the right hand girl to Juanita, Ray, Erik and a tremendous support to distributors and client alike.

You can always depend on Suzanna for professional expertise and a genuine care for all that cross her path.