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100% Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Not for internal use
Keep away from eyes
Keep away from children

Superb Quality Carrier Oils
100ml Jojoba : Produces wax esters identical to human skin
(wax esters - sebum ) Long shelf life . Mimics skin sebum all skin types.
100ml Sweet Almond : Non greasy - quick to absorb Light weight.
100ml Wheatgerm : extremely high invite and natural antioxidant. 10% addition to other carrier

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  • basil thumbnail basil thumbnail
    Quickshop 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Not for internal useKeep away from eyesKeep... Compare
  • Roll on 'Bottle' 10ML
    Quickshop Roll on 'Bottle' 10ML Perfect for natural Essential Oil perfume, headache or... Compare
    Tuya Roll on 'Bottle' 10ML
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  • Base / Carrier Oil Base / Carrier Oil
    Quickshop Sweet Almond: This is an All purpose non-greezy carrier and very quick... Compare
    Tuya Base / Carrier Oil
    From $15.50
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  • Coconut Oil Large 500ml
    Quickshop Organically Grown Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Vegan friendly, free of nuts, soy... Compare
    Tuya Coconut Oil Large 500ml
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  • Atomiser 'Bottle'
    Quickshop Cobalt Blue to protect contents from damaging UV light. Excellent for mood or... Compare
    Tuya Atomiser 'Bottle'
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  • Essential Oil Locket
    Quickshop Tuya Essentials Designer Jewellery Aromatic Benefts Quality Chain & Replacement pads included... Compare
    Tuya Essential Oil Locket
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